Happy Halloween. Seriously, what else?

Y’know, it’s required by law that all sorceresses dress like fancy skanks…

Memebase this is not.

Halloween is coming! Can you feel it?!

I used to love capcom…


Another Vespa doll, and she brought friends. Also, The Rogues, Remastered series has moved to Amazon Kindle (because Lulu kinda sucked)! And from Oct 26 to 30, it should be free! At least, those are the settings I made, cross your fingers and check it out!

This is one of my fave pages.

She’s just mad she doesn’t have an rpg to her name.

Something I should have done a long time ago… Eh, scratch that, I’m glad I waited. I’ve put some time into rebooting my old webcomic, The Rogues, and I’m making them available on Lulu for now. I’ll be adding chapters every month, so if you’re interested, swing on by!