It takes a while for her get uprooted and walkin’ around, but it’s all good.

Oh yeah, Rogues, Mission 3 is up on Amazon! And from today til’ Dec 2nd, get it for free. Or wait and then buy it. That would be cool too, I guess.

Whoooo’s Angry? The postal service, apparently!

Someone needs to write a script based off this page.

Don’t drink an… y’know just don’t drink gasoline.

I don’t really know what’s going on here, but it refuses to die.

Cute engineer. Ugly engineer suit.

While in the city, always watch your ass… …and the asses of others.

Here’s to never eating healthy! Hehe, I kid. Y’know you’ve always wanted to order from a snackbar mech, you just never realized it!

8bit games were so epic back when I was 5. I go back and play now and wonder what all the hype is about.