I’d wish you a happy new year, but we all know better, don’t we? And with that in mind, today’s sketch has a little ‘endgame’ flair. Enjoy!

This looks like it’s late by 3 months, and that’s okay. It’s got everything you could want! If your a creeper, that is…

Christmas is over, so now I have to get back to failing financially. In the meantime, here’s some tanks!

Some raven themed steampunky thing. I can appreciate covering a nerf gun in gold leaf,but don’t expect me to dress up.

Today, we look at snipers! Who wear diapers, probably just to add insult to fatality.

It smells of blood, and Old Spice!

I’m really sick, and my witticism glands have dried up. YOU come up with something…

Sky queen! Bomb the Prussians! Wait, the who now?

Electricity. Fun with pain!

Character dev for the Rogues.