Some crappy Gundriver designs. That one up top just screams ‘mid 90’s’ to me…

Having pyrokenesis sounds fun at first, but then you realize you’d be naked most of the time. See, that’s only fun if you’ve been exercising.

Oh wait, this is just the sketch from that one… pic from… a while ba- y’know what, Too bad! That’s all you’re gettin’ today! Deal with it !

I’ve noticed it’s the most peaceful when there aren’t any humans around…

Sultry alien business. It gets mixed reviews

I just LOVE the guy at the bottom of this mess. You can almost hear him in a deep monotone voice signing: This is the way… the teddy bears have… their piiiiiniiic….

My scanner’s down, so I scrounged up this old pic of all the posters I made for the Rogues, generally floating in the background. It may be robot doomsday, but that won’t keep us from having pinups!

Katryn became a fan favorite in The Rogues in chapter 2. I guess my fanbase had a thing for facial mutilation. And eye gunk.

Pfft. Superheroes. See, the real world doesn’t have any, so we have to resort to NUKES. Got plenty of supervillans, tho…

This is NOT how the world works, guy at the mall with a clipboard. If you try to love animals, they will love how you TASTE.