I did a rendition of Samus in a black zero suit about 5 years ago, so I thought I’d give it another go. Totally original, I know. 

You and I were never meant to be part of the future…

Look around you… Have you found what we’re looking for? Correct! The Answer, is Caves.

Better run, Ghost. Science wants you dead!

Today’s sketch taught me a few things: -Nazis have a lousy sense of humor. -Never buy a Lexmark printer. -The future is disappointing. Sighs…

That shady ramen shop downtown never looked so good!

I found a bunch of my really old webcomics! NOW EVERONE HAS TO PAY!

Magic’ll take your head CLEAN OFF. True story.

Rogues, Mission 5 is finished! This time, we focus on the seemingly spineless blonde guy. Swing by the amazon store and back me up by grabbin’ it!

The Rogues: Everyone loves a cadre of cocky bastards!