Fun tip: In the Middle East, giving the thumbs up is like flipping someone off, apparently. Have fun with that one.

My submission for the Crunchyroll Shantae fanart contest. It feels good submitting something for once, I gotta hunt down more contests…

gamefreaksnz: What would happen if you put a Skylanders figure on a Disney Infinity base?  A lot, actually.

How she gets all that home on a vespa is anyone’s guess.

…I eh. I should render this one out sometime, shouldn’t I? Maybe after I find a new job…

Ghost Story, page 24

Lemme tell you… Dolls? They scare the hell outta me.

Chun Li, doing the last thing you’d expect. What, did she lose a bet with Balrog?

A request pic of some chick! Skin tight’s the word.

Ghost Story, page 23