Yesterday, my nephew shopped a burrito onto his face. The pic generated more posts than I could hope for. I hate being an artist.

‘th HELL are you lookin’ at?

Grinding for Shinys leaves a wave of orphans in it’s wake…

Is what I think of when anyone mentions Texas.

I just hate when my expeditions get all bungled up.

Oh, look. Bewbs. You morons like bewbs, right?

Today has stuff. Such stuff.

dynamoe: bad falconry

I’ve playing Starbound like crazy, so this post seems oh so fitting for this week.

albotas: Action and Horror Characters Turn Cutesy Manga Artist Matsuda Yuusuke turned the likes of Hellraiser, Hellboy, Alien, Robocop, Predator, and Terminator, into some really cute manga characters. Funny how badass these dudes and franchises all are and how rather cute Yuusuke turned them. Comic pages from the artist can be found here and here on the […]