Last week’s contest winner got this commission from me. We’ll be having a contest every month going forward!

128: 3.5 years ago…


Love will make you do stupid, stupid things.

127: Called Out

Red Sketchy – MetalWraith – Let’s Draw #9 – World War Robots Contest Reward

Congrats to John Cascun for winning the drawing! We hope you like it, especially after the weekend we had… Hopefully this next week we’ll have our new microphone in so the sound on our videos can be much improved. Look forward to us having more commission contest drawings in the future! Tell your friends! Tell […]

Song for all Times

Music has a big influence on me, which is why I’m really finicky when it comes to what I listen to. Lyrically, I want something that inspires and lets my imagination run wild. Bands like Daft Punk and The Flaming Lips (especially the ‘Yoshimi’ album) are some of my faves, but the biggest muse I […]

Foxy nonsense

Put back together

That guy went to the bomb store.

New Let’s Draw Podcast! + Art Commission Contest

This week, we discuss mechs and the possibility of “too much fan service”! Also, we announce a contest! Winner gets a commission!