• Rayde ‘Ghost’ Ohote

    Known as the infamous ‘Ghost of Jessera’ , he is the only known refugee of the disaster that befell the island of Halcyona and it's denizens. For years, he‘s haunted Jessera’s wastelands and only recently took up employment with the 8th Jesseran Lancers, ‘The Rogues’.
  • Dorul Leuki Nora

    Belonging to an alien race known as the Jhazhreans, Leuki and her people came to the Planet hoping to aid humanity in their plight, although their motivation was unclear. Her ship was destroyed in orbit, and she was later rescued from the Junkers by Ghost. Now she must find the means to carry this burden by herself.
  • Lock

    The heart of Ghost’s Gundriver, Lock started as a Mobile Automated Guidance Interface (M.A.G.I.) intended to keep Ghost on course, later upgrading to an N-Class Servo. For whatever reason, this A.I. has developed an unusual personality.
  • Trinka Katanori

    Leader of the 8th Jesseran Lancers, ‘The Rogues’. Ever since her former sergeant sacrificed the lives of her squadmates, Trinka has been obsessed with restoring the honor of the 8th. Although greedy and unstable, some claim she has strong maternal instincts.
  • Hawke Dierten

    While technically from the Milita, he’s the only other survivor from the original 8th. He's also the only survivor of the Jesseran 3rd Recon Company. While a bit detached, many assume that Hawke is the only true reason The Rogues have managed to survive after the former 8th Lancer's annihilation at the fallen City-State of Fallskyre.
  • Lady Oscellia

    The Matriarch of the Clergy, an organization dedicated to the orphans left in the wake of the Machine Wars. Many believe the lady and her Clergy have a much deeper involvement in the Coalition's affairs. Some also claim the lady has been around for some time...
  • Major James Foley

    Deputy Commander of Ascention Bay's defense force, the major's skills and insights greatly surpass what his rank suggest. Some believe he may be under contract from Blackhawk. Suspicions lead Colonel Southton to later transfer him to Base Rambler.
  • Duyi ‘Bracket’ Huang

    Hailing from the Dragon's Tail, a chain of islands southwest of Jeserra, Bracket is the Rogues’ head engineer. He quickly sparks a friendly rivalry with Ghost, who also boasts natural mechanic skills. Bracket’s overconfidence is a welcome ’double-edged sword’.
  • ‘Beep’

    Once a proud member of the elite Moutaineer Corps, this Cymute 'Jane Doe' has been wandering the Jeserra-Delta Ruins, hoping to find leads to her fragmented memory. More mysterious, is just what her Company was doing in these long lost ruins to begin with...
  • Colonel Antari Ryken

    A ruthless agent of the defunct weapons development  group known as Farstrike. Ghost’s Island nation was destroyed as a result of the organization’s experiments. Now, it seems Ryken is continuing that very research...

Even amidst centuries of chaos, there is order. The Coaltion. Ruskar. The Industrial Dynasty. All loosely united in one cause: the destruction of the junker menace and a means to neutralize Mechite Energy once and for all. The 300+ year war against the machines has left a great trail of selfless fallen heroes. However, since the demise of Halcyona, the Islands of Jessera have become the focal point of mankind’s conflict with the junkers. Tech cult “The Brazen” continues to ravage settlements and hurl themselves mindlessly against the armored walls of the city-states. Sometimes, the tactic has merit. Other cults come calling in the name of “The Great Protocol”. The heroes of Jessera are a valiant and short-lived lot, throwing themselves in harm’s way to protect the innocent.In theory…Truth be told, many soldiers, mercenaries and Lancers flock to the wastelands of this perpetually besieged land, vying for glory and wealth. Some are obsessed with vengeance, others with disappearing from the public eye. One, in particular, is searching for answers to his shattered past…



MILITIA (Col)- the consumate armored backbone of mankind’s global defense protocol, the Milita prides itself on its excessive use of heavy ordinance. The ‘Brick’ Corps., the frontline infantry of the Militia have a ruthless reputation.

MOUNTAINEERS (Col)- the ancient ruins of the pre-crisis age are riddled with hazards and hostile mechanoids, making normal excavations impossible. these soldiers excel at fighting underground while avoiding delicate artifacts underfoot.

LANCERS (Col)- founded due to a lack of funds for new military recruits, the lancers are volunteer civilians who undergo a grueling test to recieve a mark of arms and become armed privateers, earning funds through contractual service.

RANGERS (Col)- lone, elite soldiers who patrol the hostile wastelands, the rangers are considered to be the best humanity has to offer. Many have the skill to become rangers, but few have the willpower to endure such a burden.

YOUTH GUARD (Col)- little more than a neighborhood watch group, the youth guard still train vigorously in defense of their cities. it’s a dark, hopeless day when a city must call on the youth guard to defend its walls.




RUSKAR- A mountainous and tropical realm, Ruskar kept it’s distance from the Coalition for trade purposes, however the true reasons remain buried. Their technology lags behind others, lacking the ‘caustic disruptor’ technology of Konig. Regadless, Ruskar has held it’s own, but rumors of a growing number of pirates in it’s borders has risen.
INDUSTRIAL DYNASTY- The corporate strongarm of the Dragon’s Tail, The Dynasty produces more military hardware than any other Nation, even the Coalition. Dracons are a scarce population, however, and many of their workers are brought in from other parts to work contractually.
REEFHAVEN- Considered a hotbed of vice by many, Reefhaven’s loose policies have attracted the worst the planet has to offer. Civil unrest, mercenary revolts and junker uprisings plague the Nation and the Coalition media exploits every incident. Many Lancers travel to Reefhaven, risking it all to make it big…