200 Pages Completed!

Last week, I completed 200 pages of Metal Wraith: Ghost Story. Only 180 pages have been posted so far, but I like to keep ahead for numerous reasons. I prefer to have friends proofread for errors and to make sure the story flows well enough that people can keep up with what’s going on. Also, […]

Movin’ Around

No Let’s Draw last week and most likely none this week because I’ll be moving this weekend. I’ve lived in the same place for ten years and I gotta admit, it feels weird leaving. Truth be told, it always feels weird when I have to abandon familiar places and routes (even when I’m glad to […]

New Let’s Draw: Bee and Puppycat

I’d say more, but Pretty Patrick’s on.

New Let’s Draw: 4th of July!

Forget beer, freedom and burgers, let’s talk ALIENS.  

New Let’s Draw: Zero

New Let’s Draw! CARDFIGHT!! Vangard…

Astral Dragon Gods love paninis apparently…  

New Let’s Draw! Tank Gals!

Tank girls! Do you need anything more?  

New Let’s Draw and Comission Contest!

War is hell. You knew that, right? Also comment on Youtube or Devart for a chance to win!  

New Let’s Draw! Iron Gal

Anyone can have an Iron Man suit! Suits for everyone!  

Timeline: Ghost’s Backstory

For those of you left scratching your head about the events that led up to the current story, here’s some cliff notes on Ghost’s life. Enjoy! (I didn’t add dates to this list) TIMELINE: Ghost is born of a mysterious Halcyonan known as the ‘Machine Angel’ Weapons development group ‘Farstrike’ begins to exploit Halcyona Ghost’s […]