New Year, New Horizions -

Hey guys. Hope you had a great New Years and didn’t wind up in TOO much trouble. Maybe a little, of course. It’s New Years after all. I spent the night with good friends and drinks, watching some movies and just takin’ it easy. I never was up for the party scenes, really (unless it’s E3, of course).


But anyways, our Facebook and Twitter sites are fully ready. Subscribing will now get you updates on when new content is posted! This’ll help keep you guys in the loop to what’s going on here, so please subscribe and help get the word out!

Werecraft’s also got a lot of ideas for new content and promotions. This year, we’ll be coming up with more let’s draws, vlogs and possibly contests that’ll win you a free commission from yours truly! It’s all rather exciting, and with my contractual gig ending this February,  I’ll be back to my starving artist roots in no time. Hope you have a kick-ass year!


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for your fave Metal Wraith girl! Winner will feature in some upcoming fan service, so check a couple posts back and make your mark! The deadline’s Jan 15th!



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