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I have to admit, I was rather excited to see a ton of activity on my analytics over the last couple weeks. And more specifically, I saw most (if not all) of those spikes coming from Russia. And hey, there may very well be legimate readers from there checking in, so maybe it got popular all of a sudden! Should have known better, as the site had become the target of some ass-hat spammer trying to flood me with… well, whatever spammers like to infest websites with. Seriously, I have no idea how you make a living doing that kind of crap. No worries, Werecraft blocked the nonsense and you guys can browse worry free.

But really, it kinda got me down. I’ve haven’t had time to dedicate to the site because of work and holidays and because of that, what readership I had was dwindling. It’s tricky to keep people coming back to a webcomic. This comic’s never had a sizable following despite my “best” efforts to get it’s name out. Really, I’m my own undoing. I’m naturally reclusive and can’t get recognition, unable to dedicate time to booths at cons and being too damn introverted to connect with people.

Also, I just realized how much of a wreck the site’s social networking is in. That’s something I’m going to work on this week to get sorted out so there’s a better way for everyone to keep updated. I want to start doing more for the site like videos and animation, but I need some serious help getting Metal Wraith recognized. You lovable mech junkies can help out in the meantime by liking the comic on Facebook. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to enjoy Ghost’s shenanigans!


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for your fave Metal Wraith girl! Winner will feature in some upcoming fan service, so check a couple posts back and make your mark!



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