More than 300 years ago, our Forebearers simply…


Woke up.


They awoke to a faded life deep underground, tucked away in crumbling city vaults composed of technologies and materials they could bearly understand. Bewildered and with no recollection of the past, they begin to explore their ancient home. The information left to them was scarce, but instructions were clear.








And above all, rise to the surface and reclaim this world from humanity’s enemies.



In time, these people began to understand the technologies left for them. Programs, formulas and protocols intended to spur their development: Agriculture. Medicine. Defense. However, very little history was left in the vault’s archives and many leaders theorized that their ancestors wanted the past buried even deeper than their successors. Regardless, the desire for knowledge was the people’s strongest drive. Amongst the Vaults, great excavations began as the expanding societies longed to see the surface world their unknown ancestors had abandoned, to explore their ruins for even greater advancements. However, such promises were not waiting on the surface. Hope faded rapidly as the vault kin broke ground in c45, only to find a world of pock-marked islands ravaged by violent machines. As the vaults flourished into City-States, these machines became highly active, seeking to destroy and consume the still fledgling human society…




The enemies of humanity proved to be far too much for the vault pioneers, and only the technology left for them was enough to stem the tide. The Machine Cults, or ‘Junkers’ were comprised of hostile mechanoids and drone constructs, shackled to greater hive minds. The cults would attack, destroy and either consume or process any biological or cybernetic entity not a part of their fold in the name of “The Great Protocol”. This means the cults were prone to attacking one another, reprocessing their foes’ wreckage into their own ranks. Even more terrifying was the power source of these mechanical monsters: Mechite Energy. A power of unknown origin, this tangible energy sifted through the world with a most dreaded property: the ability to mutate biological forms into a twisted mechanical mockery. Humans affected by Mechite Energy became known as Cymutes (Cyber-Mutant). Even more unsettling was when the energy collected in large enough amounts, strong enough to cause earthquakes and many bio-forms would simply vanish when caught in the writhing cloud. The surface was a hopeless warzone and separated, the City-States would fall without a chance…




As the agitated Machine Cults grew to their pinnacle of strength, The city states struggled to unite in their efforts to overcome the great hurdles before them. Among them, the island of Konig rose in military strength, mastering the ‘caustic disruptor’ technology left for them. Garand’s mastery of communications allowed the two city-states to coordinate tactics against the machines, and a hub of Human civilization manifested in the planet’s Northern hemisphere.While other islands kept their distance, many more allied with Garand and Konig, eventually forming the Coalition in c83. The major islands of Fleuret (c87), Novalis (c89), and Banemist (c94) joined while Ruskar, Reefhaven and The Dragon’s Tail merely retained relations, able to hold the ‘Junkers’ on their own. Eventually, the Coalition formed armies of pioneers, headed by the dauntless Lancer Corps. to pioneer the untamed parts of the planet. In time, Jessera (c220), Gravas (c145) and Halberd (c143) were colonized, though they became hotbeds of combat against the machine cults. On some islands, colonists discovered vaults that had met with tragic fates. On others, ruins of the old world left nothing but riddles. However, just 150 km northwest of Jessera, colonists discovered something truly remarkable…




Throughout this civilization’s brief history, there are folk tales of a golden eyed human arriving in dire times able to turn Junkers away at a whim. The Ruskans refer to this mystical creature as the Machine Angel. Considered myth for centuries, The Lancers of Jessera would discover otherwise in c285. Tucked away in the Esper Sea, an island of small fishing villages was discovered, nestled in an area crawling with hostile mechanoids. Despite the turbulent surroundings, the Lancers found golden eyed humans without worry or care. The Hacyonians, as they called themselves, never recalled any vaults or wars with the machines. It was later discovered that the island of Halcyona itself rested on a massive reserve of strangely docile Mechite Energy, but the people remained unscathed. This phenomenon baffled the planet abroad, and began to attract the attention of numerous research groups….




Founded as a means to expedite humanity’s defense protocol, The research development group known as Farstrike became obsessed with Halcyona and it’s denzens. Shortly, several false corporations were brought into the town of Aylen controlled by Colonel Antari Ryken to initiate Project Prometheus, a research initiative to develop a means to control Mechite Energy. Within a short span, Aylen grew into a sprawling metropolis and it’s people inundated with distractions. Realizing they were being used, terrorists groups sprung up amongst the people, and tensions rose sharply. After the disappearance of several key figures, disaster struck. The project experienced a critical malfunction and the Mechite Energy beneath the island went haywire. In a crippling earthquake, Halcyona was lost, a mysterious storm wrapped around the island and only one refugee was recorded. It was considered one of the worst disasters of Coalition history, and the start of a long road of grief…